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Not long till these guys come to Brizzle. RVIVR. Rocking it old school pop punk style. The songzoff their upcoming album, The Beauty Between, due out February 25, 2013. (Oh, that was yesterday).

They’re here start of April I think. 

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Posted at 7:38 PM 25 February 2013

Die! Die! Die! - Trinity

Been getting more into this every time I hear it, so much so that I’m now properly right into it I reckons. New Zealand band this this time (but it was produced by Chris Townend of producing Portishead fame so there’s a Bristol connection). They remind me of that band whose name I can never remember but who were supported last year by The Coathangers (who are coming back to Bristol soon, again supporting another band whose name I also can’t remember (god i’m crap) but this time a band big enough to be playing the godawful shithole that is the O2 so I won’t be going, which is a bummer coz they were insanely good last time they were here!)

Die! Die! Die! used to be signed to Flying Nun Records so obviously that pretty much guarantee’s they’re gonna be worth a listen at least right? Oh, and they’ve also been produced by Steve Albini in the past (yeah, I know, who hasn’t been produced by Steve Albini?) 

Oh, and the album, due to drop start of April? That’s pretty cool too.

You can listen to the video now if you want.

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Posted at 5:12 PM 31 January 2013

Transit have just released “I Think I Know You” as a music video. And it’s kind of ok.

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Posted at 9:17 AM 28 June 2012

Set Your Goals, Make Do And Mend & Spycatcher

Ha ha, I was at this gig at The Fleece last week & it was nothing like this review. It’s totally like I was at a different gig. 10/10 my arse! The crowd going crazy my other arse! It was a pretty good night (esp if you’re into pppppppppower pppppppoppppppp pppppppunk) which was pretty much what the evening was about up to a certain extent. (Less of a certain extent than I was expecting tbh).

I’d been rinsing the Pariso album all day so was expecting it to seem much tamer than it turned out.

Make Do And Mend were def the highlight. Really looking forward to their new album next month (Everything You Ever Loved). Kinda melodic but less so live than recorded.

Set Your Goals played a pretty good set, mainly old stuff - they said their last album got panned in the US (understandable, it was way mersh) and although they claimed to be stoked we in the uk were well into it (really? Oooooooohkayyyyyyy, if you say so…) they mainly played their old material.

They finished with Gaia Bleeds (Make Way For Men) which went down a bit of a storm but to say that the whole room was going crazy & hanging off the ceiling is ludicrous - the circle pits were a classic case of two people running around a bit, & the two of em kept on being egged on to circle pit time & time again by the bands. Obvsly had a sense of humour I reckon.

So, better than I was expecting but nowhere near a gig of the year. Want to see MDAM again.

 Oh, Spycatcher were ok too, bit run of the mill an all but ok.

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Posted at 6:23 PM 27 May 2012

The Manxx - Messin’ Around 7”

Yowweeeeee, it’s a (grrrl) power pop punk band from America. Mebe a bit too “uppy”? Mebe. Gotta be a place somewhere for happy music though I guess yeah?

Fuck it, yeah. Just this once.

(They’re from Denver btw). (Dunno why I put that fact at the end in brackets.)

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Posted at 5:02 AM 04 May 2012