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White Hills, Thought Forms & Din Martin

When I inferred on Twitter yesterday that I was fully expecting to wake this morning with mad tinnitus following White Hills gig last night, I was right. Psychdelic squalls of looping frenzied guitar work, combined with some crazy powerful drumming are just about the best way to fuck your ears up. I find. (It was no coincidence that White Hills all had very colourful earplugs in I reckon). They were really good anyway, bit wild & obviously enjoying themselves to the hilt.

Din Martin opened the evening, post rocky shoegazey stuff. Despite what I overheard someone say about them afterwards they weren’t pretentious. I thought they were pretty good. Main complaint was that they didn’t invoke us all to edge a bit closer to the stage. (Another pet peeve, everyone at a gig hanging around at the back of the room so no one can get it, then when you try to force your way to the empty space at the front you get scowled at).(Of course I could just be getting scowled at coz I’m invariably muttering “you fucking bunch of fucking imbeciles, why don’t you move the fuck away from the fucking door you fucking dumb ass fuckers” as i force forward. Who knows?).

Localish band (they’re from Bath) Thought Forms were probably the highlight of the night, (as they quite often are when I see them supporting another band). They’ve grown up quite a lot since that last time I saw them a year or so ago & now go in with a far heavier, more serious sound. Proficient guitar abuse is a big part of their ‘thing’ (deej dhariwal being especially adept in this department), but guitar abuse in a controlled, we know what the fuck we’re doing sort of way. They do that loud, loud, quiet, quiet, loud thing that Slint & MBV (& other such similar bands) did do. Experimental instrumental post rock, with the occasional vocals coming pretty much as an afterthought. A great, if short, set anyway reinforcing that they’re one of the cities (they record for Invada so i can class them as Bristolian) best bands.

Thought Forms released a 3 track CD at the end of last year called Sky Peg & of which I’m lucky enough to have a copy. Their blog says it’s sold out & they don’t have any download link for the tracks so if you haven’t got a copy it’s tough luck. Maybe some time they’ll up it for free download somewhere. (Or you can just ask me to send you the mp3’s - it’s not as though they’ll be losing any £’s as it’s not available for sale anywhere). Here’s a couple of Soundclouded streams to keep you going anyway:

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Posted at 8:10 AM 20 March 2012

This Weeks Gigs

Bit sad there’s no gig on tonight as it’s been my birthday (& as I’m getting desperate for live music as I’ve been stuck in North Wales for two weeks), but tomorrow marks the start of the best gig week so far this year. Expecting at least one of the below to be a gig of the year. 

So here goes:

Tomorrow, 19th March White Hills. Here’s how their Tumblr (pretty accurately) describes them:

WHITE HILLS is an ever changing entity always striving to push the envelope. Their music weaves in and out of anthemic chants, deep space bleeps and other worldly madness for a mix that proves to be intoxicating.

Wednesday 21st March’s Ceremony night. After a couple of sniffy reviews when Zoo first came out people have been getting increasingly more and more excited about the album. Gotta be honest, I’ve always been a bit of a knucklehead when it comes to hardcore, faster & harder the better. Always been pissed Husker Du’s Zen Arcade has knocked Huskers first two albums out of the spotlight. Or any light at all. Land Speed Record & Everything Falls Apart are two of the fastest, most furious hardcore / punk albums from the 80’s & they stand up against any other similar release from ever.

Back to Ceremony. They still more often than not get tagged #hardcore & #punk despite the fact that their sound is getting less #hardcore & #punk with every release. Despite all the above I still like Zoo & reckon this is still gonna be one hell of a night. Check out the four YouTube video’s bunged up the other night after their Le Poisson Rouge / New York City gig if you need convincing. Here’s one of them:

Thursday 22nd, Teeth Of The Sea. Wigged out psychedelic noise rock ahoy. Check out the tour video below. Then come down the Croft & see em in action. Gonna be a great:

Friday night. 23rd March. Another Tokyo Dub Motion Club takeover headed up by The Bug this time. I know, The motherfucking Bug. Motion nights are always a massive blast but this one promises to be a megablast. Reggae, dub, dancehall with a bit of dubstep for good measure. Check out the full lineup & this video from The Bug.