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Relapse Sampler 2013

In case you’ve missed this, Relapse Records are giving away a huge sampler of their artists 2013. 26 tracks by bands like Weekend Nachos, Coffins, Locrian, Horseback, Primitive Man, Windhand, Toxic Holocaust,Inter Arma and more. Download (and full track list) here.

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Posted at 6:20 AM 22 October 2013

Dead Chemists’s Videos

We Came Out Like Tigers - 03/04/2012 from Dead Chemists on Vimeo.

Motherfucking Jesus Bastard Egg That Wept, just done this once & lost it coz shitty Tumblr doesn’t auto save. Never thought I’d be wishing I used Wordpress to blog. 

Anyway (again) if you’re in Bristol you’ll know that one of the cities foremost Hardcore promoters are Dead Chemist & it seems they have a Vimeo channel featuring lots of video’s from show’s they’ve put on. If you’re interested Dead Chemist are one of the reason’s the cities getting a rep as one of the UK’s hotbeds of all thing’s fast n furious.

Bands / gigs featured here include the likes of Weekend Nacho’s gig at the The Croft and the Witch Cult / Unsu gig from back in Feb at the Gryphon.

Also featured are (see above) We Came Out Like Tigers who are playing in Briz again in a few weeks (6th Oct) with Cavalcades. Will be another awesome evening. Come along & punch some floors why dontcha? Deets here. Oh, and you can give Dead Chemist some liking on Facebook here too if you want.


Pariso have just put up this new video, The Huntsmen. They also confirmed they’re playing @thecroftbristol on 1st July. 

What they didn’t say was that the rest of the incredible lineup are:

Weekend Nachos + The Afternoon Gentlemen + Witch Cult + Atomck + Shoot The Bastard + TFU

Especially looking forward to seeing Witch Cult again after they shook the Gryphon to it’s foundations a month ago

In the words of The Minutemen “Hey lawdy mama”.

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Posted at 7:12 AM 07 April 2012