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Wonderfully Mad Week Of Shows Coming Up

Sharks Monday, Snuff Wednesday, Flipper Thursday, Helmet Friday & culminating in the stupendous Tuareg bluesmen Tinariwen Saturday. (See pic above - bloody hope they bring the camel this time. They didn’t last time I saw them play Briz. Was gutted).

Especially looking forward to none in particular / all altogether. Gonna be siiiiiiiick & def will make up for january. (I bear grudges bad, me). 

Bit bummed out that I came off my fixie earlier today & took a shedload of skin off my elbow. Of course I’m dead manly so it doesn’t hurt at all but it might do if some yoof get’s squirted out of a moshpit & clatters into my arm. Which invariably happens at least once at every show I goes too.

Fuck it though. Live life dangerously (recklessly) is my motto.

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Posted at 6:49 PM 01 April 2012