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Sharks, Crowns & Jake & The Jellyfish

Stupid cunting arsing whoring muthafucking  & their shitty fucking software, bleeding twice now I’ve gotten halfway thru this post & fallen foul of a kernel panic losing everything I’d written. (I imagine  would counter “what do you expect you stupid cunting arsing whoring muthafucking fuckwit if you live on the bleeding edge downloading beta releases of the next version of OS X from fucking Pirate fucking Bay”. And they’d have a good point.)

Anyway, what’s with Sharks the fish being so much more popular on Tumblr than Sharks the band? Try searching. It’s madness. People eat sharks y’know. Maybe that’s why. Maybe they taste good. There would probably be more blogs on here about Swiss Chard the vegetable than Swiss chard the band if there were a band called “Swiss Chard”.

Highlight of the night was finding there is a band I’ve seen more often than Big Jeff. Yeah, the evening was that good. Jake and the Jellyfish. I only saw their last two songs. Jake’s got a whole band now. Last time he was on his own. It’s an improvement but y’know, still not quite my thing. Sort of set the tone for the night tbh. Bands not quite being my thing.

Crowns had quite an amazingly assured stage presence for a band so young. Charisma. They have the potential, with the right management, to be really successful. And the fact that they managed to score a support on the whole of the Sharks tour suggests that they have got the right management. Folk punk’s i guess the label one should attach to them if one were trying to be polite. And if one were trying to be impolite? Pogues wannabes I guess. Music to jig to, slap your thighs to & generally have a roistering good time to. I managed about 4 songs then slipped off to the sofa in the bar to fiddle with my phone. Absolutely nowt wrong with them, & Big Jeff was doing his nut even more than he usually does his nut, but again, not really my ting.

I spent the Sharks set huddled by the right hand stack of amps, something I’d promised myself never to do again. Tinnitus is one thing if it’s balanced but when one ears ringing twice as much as the other it’s surprisingly annoying. I had me poorly right elbow to protect though y’see & the best way to prevent it from being jolted was to stand next to an immovable mass. All thru Crowns set I was stood next to some lass who kept on dancing into me, jolting me arm & causing me PAIN. Happen that was another reason I couldn’t take more than 4 of their songs.

Whenever people talk about Sharks they liken them to The Clash. Hmmm. They’ve certainly got the catchiness & britishness of the clash but that’s just about it. But then again The Clash were many different bands at many different times, Sharks are far less versatile. Yet, anyway. More I’d say they remind me of turn of the millennium US pop / punk bands. Sometime soon they’ll crossover & will be playing to much bigger audiences than The Croft. Which is great, it takes bands like this to go out & bag new fans for the genre & once they’ve discovered the genre they can backtrack & find some of the really great music under the ‘hardcore / punk’ banner. They played for a good 45 minutes, powering their way through their set, totally entertaining a packed croft back room with their somewhat anthemic songs, most of which were off No Gods. They too have a self confident stage presence, kind of essential these days when bands earn most of their dollar thru playing live. 

At the end of the night it seems a bit churlish to dismiss them also as not my kind of thing. Especially as I’ve already said that about every other band that played here. There’s a good chance that by the end of festival season they’ll have boken out proper. In which case it’ll be nice to have been able to say I saw them last night. 

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Posted at 7:41 AM 03 April 2012

Wonderfully Mad Week Of Shows Coming Up

Sharks Monday, Snuff Wednesday, Flipper Thursday, Helmet Friday & culminating in the stupendous Tuareg bluesmen Tinariwen Saturday. (See pic above - bloody hope they bring the camel this time. They didn’t last time I saw them play Briz. Was gutted).

Especially looking forward to none in particular / all altogether. Gonna be siiiiiiiick & def will make up for january. (I bear grudges bad, me). 

Bit bummed out that I came off my fixie earlier today & took a shedload of skin off my elbow. Of course I’m dead manly so it doesn’t hurt at all but it might do if some yoof get’s squirted out of a moshpit & clatters into my arm. Which invariably happens at least once at every show I goes too.

Fuck it though. Live life dangerously (recklessly) is my motto.

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Posted at 6:49 PM 01 April 2012