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Fuck Mala in Cuba, this is Pariso in Cuba! Lol.

Bit different to a half filled front room at the croft like last week isnt it tiznt it? No getting squashed (aka crushed) against the lowly ceiling here eh Mazz?

Big up the Cuba massive any road. Nice to see them give Pariso the welcome they deserve.

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Posted at 3:11 AM 24 September 2012

MINE & Pariso. The Croft. Bristol.

So I went to The Croft on Tues for Pariso’s gig which was, naturally enough, a blast. Think Mazz had forgotten how low the ceiling is in there tho, dude went & uttered the line “I’m gonna jump off that (pointing towards an amp) & you’re gonna all hold me up” in a voice that suggested he thought we were just gonna watch him ‘jump off that’ (the amp) & go ‘splat’ on the floor. But ‘we’ didnt, ‘we’ held him up. Held him up so proper & good & well in fact that he ended up being pushed quite hard into the ceiling, it only being a foot or so  above the shortest persons head. Pretty hard to sing when you can’t get your mic to your mouth coz your mouths tasting the whitewash the ceilings painted with. (At this point I’m tempted to go so far as to say he was CRUSHED against the ceiling, but I won’t coz that’d be a well dodgy pun I I’d be opening my elf up to accusations of being the biggest waaaaaaankaaaaaa ever on Tumblr. And my elf wouldn’t like that). 

Pariso were great again but it lacked a bit of the heat of the gig they played with Weekend Nacho’s earlier in the year. Strictly on account of the audience not being as up for it of course, Pariso were as shit hot as ever. Fucking love those changes of pace they throw in & the massive crunching riffs. Dudes rock fecking hard.

MINE were pretty much as good as Pariso for my money. I’d completely forgotten they were playing & got into the venue just as they were beginning their set. Stood there for a minute or so thinking “Fuck, what’s a band this motherfucking tight doing playing this low down the bill”. Eventually the penny dropped though & I remembered they’re a supergroup (feat former members of Hang The Bastard, A Long Time Dead and Centurions Ghost) so of course they were tight. Plus it was their first every gig which explained their billing.

Assuming they don’t implode or anything these guys are gonna do vay good. Although not in the Pariso mould they still made an ace foil for them. No massive metally riffs from them, more of a measured post rock style of music, lots of build ups lulling you into a false sense of security before they launch into heavier screaming & fast guitar playing, all peppared with some clever tricky guitar playing. They were more cerebral than most of your hardcore bands but just as stomach churningly exciting.

Anyway I think MINE are on Holy Roar. There’s a bit about them plus details about pre-ordering their next release over on HR’s website here (you’ll need to scroll down a bit). In the meantime the track below was given away as a free download recently. I suggest you download it freely, listen to it a lot & then pre-order the record. IF you know what’s good for you AND you trust me.

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Posted at 5:49 AM 20 September 2012

Pariso | Video | Mother’s Talons

Mother’s Talons is one of two digital b-sides available with the “Black Milk 2012” vinyl postcard release by Pariso. The postcard has a re-recording of Black Milk and comes with download codes for Black Milk, Mother’s Talons and another new track - Cold Venom. Available from the band at shows and directly from Tangled Talk.

"They" wont let us embed this one so you gotta wander free of Tumblr if you wanna watch it. I suggest you steals yersleves & go for it because it’s right gradely it is.

And don’t forget they (Pariso) play la Croft Tuesday, nor forget it clashes with Venetian Snares. I fucking love Venetian Snares. I fucking love Pariso too. I fucking, therefore, have a quandary on my hands. \

I’ve just had to come back and edit this coz after all that I forgot the link. Must be time for bed. 


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Posted at 8:06 PM 16 September 2012

As I’ve said before (why do i keep on saying “as i’ve said before”? Have I already gotten to the point where I’m just re-hashing old shit in every post i bung up here?) I make no apologies for my love of Perfume Genius & Put Your Back N 2 is still quite probably my fave album of the year (with Pariso, Japandroids, off! or Swans at number 2?)

Having said that three single releases off one album makes makes me go “hmmmmmmmmm” quite a but. But I imagine it’s the record company are to blame so fuck it, just enjoy…..

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Posted at 2:49 AM 03 August 2012

Weekend Nachos, The Long Haul, Pariso, Witch Cult

I got in late & missed the first two bands, Merciless Precision & Atomck so here’s who I saw:

Let It Die (Main Room)

Witch Cult (Front Room) 

Shoot The Bastard (Main Room) 

Pariso (Front Room)

The Afternoon Gentleman (Main Room) 

The Long Haul (Front Room) 

Weekend Nachos (Main Room) 

A long anticipated stonking great evening featuring some of the best hardcore around at the moment. It totally didnt fail to please. Not one iota.

I was a bit anxious going down to this gig to be honest as it was entirely feasible that someone who’d been kind of cyber bullying me would be there (you know, making up lies about me, calling me names, threatening me, that sort of shit) but ultimately there was no way I was gonna miss out on this evening & it would’ve looked like I felt guilty if I hadn’t gone. So I went. And shit was I glad that I did coz this was some night.

Two gigs had been amalgamated for this one night, across both front & back rooms at the Croft.  The front room was headed up by Weekend Nachos & The Afternoon Gentlemen, the back by Pariso & The Long Haul. 

In each room every band improved on the previous one (tho it’s probably not accurate to say that of the whole night). If I were to award a top 3 Weekend Nachos would score top spot coz they were, like, out of this world. Really fucking unbelievable. Even better than Trash Talk. Which, I know, is unbelievable. But below them I’d have put Pariso in third place, a mere whisker behind The Long Haul whose music I wasn’t too familiar with before seeing them but bloody well am now - top band.

The front room has a capacity of 75 but the whole venue had almost sold out which made for some hot sweaty, fun times in there. Witch Cult were pretty amazing again but coulda done without the hate moshing, (ie the guys in the ‘pit’ bundling full pelt into those stood round the side). Although that was kind of fun too a bit if I’m completely honest. It makes you feel ALIVE like. Weird how Witch Cult inspire hate noshing - same happened when they played The Gryphon a few months back. Didn’t really happen with any of the other bands.

Pariso were as ace as I knew they’d be, still love (obviously) Nothing Beyond Everything After & a lot of what they played was off that. So much riffage. And like I say, The Long Haul were a revelation, riffs n power but clever with it, tricksy tempo changes, chopping around, keeping you on your feet. Literally in my case, bouncing on tip toes quite excitedly.

I was reminded while reading Jed’s review of this gig that people were crowdsurfing in the room which, with it’s 7 foot ceiling, meant they were getting properly squashed against it. I couldn’t stop with the “haha, oof, haha, oof“‘s as I watched them.

Weekend Nachos were just astonishing. Pummeling violent hardcore at its pummeling violent best. It was great watching the two sets of fans from different ends of the hardcore spectrum all getting down & dirty with each other. No fucking “my scene’s better than your scene” stuff, more like “hey, your scene’s pretty cool too” sort of thing. (I imagine, didn’t actually hear anyone say that). Hopefully these people will be more adventurous in the future.

Be awesome if the Croft made it law that if someone pays to go into a gig in one room you can also go into the other room between bands, like #indiepop in one room & #deathmetal in the other. It worked with #ukcrush bands in one room & #powerviolence bands in the other so I bet it’d could work with other combo’s too. I’d be stoked coz I fucking love anything. Except, as I’ve pointed out before, britpop.

Mad night anyway, gonna be one of the best of the year no question. Roll on the next one.


Pariso: Nothing Beyond Everything After - album review.

Did a slightly rambly, very effusive review of the above for Louder Than War today. If you wanna check it in all its effusive rambly glory get ye going hithurrrrrr ☞ Pariso: Nothing Beyond Everything After - album review.

No one’s made any comments on it yet, so you could be first. Something like “Dope fucking elbym but the writing tends towards the overly rambly & overly effusive.” should do it.

Guess I should embed this ere video now, for good measure y’know? There may be someone out there aint seen it eh?

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Posted at 7:53 PM 28 May 2012

Pariso - Nothing Beyond Everything After

Getting shit back on a hardcore tip, this new stuff from Pariso’s soon to be released album frigging rips dunnit? Hard as f’ing nails, guaranteed to trample to buggery what senses you’ve got left after all those years of going to mad noisy gigs.

They’re playing at the Croft start of July w/ shed loads of other proper blunt bands - think I may’ve mentioned this already once or twice? It’ll be one of those front room / back room jobbies by the look of it - big lineup (and BIG lineup). Check gig deets out here. (Of course if I’m asked not to go then I won’t coz I’m like that - there’s no need for threats or anything like that, a polite request always does it, he says, somewhat cryptically).

Anyway, Pariso are also giving away the track embedded via their Bandcamp. Album’s out on 28th May which is a bummer as I’ll be offline for a week from then so will have to wait to get my hands on it. Happen I should use the “I’m the reviews ed for Louder Than War & can you sort me out with a download code / streaming link please” line so I can get it before the rest of you’s (then of course actually buy it when I get a chance coz I’m like that - despite doing about 40 hours unpaid work on LTW a week to support ‘music’ in general I still feel uncomfortable getting stuff for free. I know, I’m a twat. And then of course if I do get sent stuff for free I feel dead guilty if i don’t review (or delegate for review) whatever I was sent. Crazy. 

A final thought on the music: sometimes only brutal will do. Whaddya mean you already knew that? 

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Posted at 5:57 AM 18 May 2012

Pariso have just put up this new video, The Huntsmen. They also confirmed they’re playing @thecroftbristol on 1st July. 

What they didn’t say was that the rest of the incredible lineup are:

Weekend Nachos + The Afternoon Gentlemen + Witch Cult + Atomck + Shoot The Bastard + TFU

Especially looking forward to seeing Witch Cult again after they shook the Gryphon to it’s foundations a month ago

In the words of The Minutemen “Hey lawdy mama”.

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Posted at 7:12 AM 07 April 2012