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Hysterically I’ve had people all year telling me hardcore’s “trendy”.

Usually I responded to thee people “yeah, right, lets wait till everyone publishes their #aoty lists shall we & then we’ll see if HC’s ‘trendy’ or not”.

People have now published their #aoty lists.

And I think my point’s been proven.

Altho even I couldn’t have imagined how few hc records we’d see in people’s “top albums of 2012” lists. Even what I’d have thought of as “bankers” like OFF!, Trash Talk & Flats are conspicuous by their absence.

And what about frigging Title Fight? Floral Green was sooooo good a record no? At one point (when it entered the billboard chart at 60 sumting) I was even thinking it had the potential to “Bleach” for them.

Jeez I can be an innocent twat I can be at times eh?

Of course I coulda just taken these people to a HC gig & shown them the audience ☞ lots of obviously  long time devoted hardcore fans, pretty much all dressed / behaving the same (i.e. very much “in of step, with each other”) & definitely not dressed like “the cool kids” whoever they may be & however they may dress.

I’d have LOVED to have seen trendy indie bods in the audience for, say, the Hang The Bastard, Desolated & Natural Order gig in The Croft’s front room (one of the best gigs of the year in terms of music / atmosphere (not so much in other respects) when it well & truly popped off thanks to some “accidental hate moshing” (aka “losing ones balance while flailing like fuck fury”). 

Anyway, such is life. I’ve got a top 100 i’ll bung on here some time soon. I’ve never done one before. Never had too. As I’m now part of the editorial team @ Louder Than War I kind of have too now. Rest assured it most definitely includes some hardcore. Lots. But not a disproportionate amount despite my love of the genre.


PS - why the fuck dont  add “moshing” to their machine’s built in dictionaries? Always with the changing it to “noshing” I am no matter how many times I asks it to “learn spelling”.

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Posted at 8:00 AM 08 December 2012


We called it “picking up chains” back in Georgia. (Hrmm… that doesn’t sound quite right now that I think about it.)

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Posted at 4:09 AM 19 April 2012

Trailers For Hardcore / Punk / No Wave Docs

I think the expression is “And then three come along at once”. Actually, including the Bad Brains one I mentioned t’other day it’s actually four amazing American music docs from the 80’s, all about hardcore bands & similar & all readying for release any time soon.

First, Salad days, a documentary about the DC hardcore scene when it was in it’s pomp, early 80’s to the end of the decade. It features Ian Mackaye, Henry Rollins, Dave Grohl, Alec Mackaye & more. A first trailer dropped a while back, a second one just last week. They’re both below:

Second documentary, this one about the Boston Hardcore scene, again early 80’s, features SS Decontrol, DYS, Gang Green, Jerry’s Kids, The F.U’s, Negative FX, The Freeze and Deep Wound. 

Talking about Boston & Hardcore gives me an opportunity to mention the news last week that Boston police tried to make moshing at hardcore gigs illegal. Obviously noses get bloodied & bones broken in mosh pits but only in a friendly way. Unlike the dorks who get bladdered of a friday / saturday night in every city centre & end up glassing each other.

The really funny thing though was the move to try & ban moshing followed someone getting hurt at a Flogging Molly gig. Last time I saw Flogging Molly the most aggressive the mosh pit got was two elderly balding guys running up to each other and doing something that looked like they were playing pat-a-cake. Ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but Flogging Molly aren’t exactly known for their mad crazy aggressive mosh pits.

Finally, a documentary about the scene that became known as No Wave. Been waiting for this for ages, it documents New York in its lawless, chaotic heyday, the end of the 70’s early 80’s. No Wave’ll probably always be my favourite music genre so I’m looking forward to this one especially. And check the roll call: Patti Smith, Basquiat, Thurston Moore, Steve Buscemi, Blondie, Lydia Lunch & John Waters.