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Ceremony Video

OK, last post / reblog about Ceremony. They were fucking rad on Weds but I couldn’t get over how poorly Bristol represented. There couldn’t’ve been more than 100 people there, making the 800 cap Fleece feel pretty empty. Thought maybe it was coz they’ve alienated the old ‘balls to the floor’ hardcore fans with their new sound but not yet won over new ‘tricky thoughtful’ hardcore fans with their new sound yet. But then a youtube video of their xoyo gig over in london from the day before appears on Youtube & l00k, the venues PACKED to the shitting gunnels & it’s like “Bristol, why are you such shiiiiiit music fans?” 

The thing is, even if Bristol’s hardcore fans are just being fickle fuckers (ooh, ‘fickle fuckers’, gonna use THAT expression again) & didn’t represent coz they don’t like the cleverer sound, live Ceremony are still as intense, full on & hard assed as they ever used to be. If you stayed away from this show coz you think they’ve gone all namby pamby then YOU LOST.  Big time.

Another thing, you’ll see it in the video above but here’s a screengrab of Anthony’s leather cut with a massive great fuckoff Prince symbol on the back. If it weren’t for the fact that it’s leather I’d be jealous. Dude’s also been known to come on stage dressed completely in pink. Here’s a quote from him about his appearance:

That was never really my thing, to look like I was a part of a group. It’s not like a conscious effort. That’s just how I feel comfortable on stage. 

Big up dude, but what was that I was saying about alienating their core demographic?

PS. In the defence of Bristol’s music fans I found out that Los Campesino’s were also in town the same night & sold out The Thekla. In hindsight happen it would’ve been a shrewd move to switch venues but that kind of thing only happens in the land of hypothecation I guess.

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Posted at 4:53 AM 23 March 2012