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Big Crux Albums of the Year

Oh yeah, it’s time I posted a list of some of my albums of last year. Wouldn’t do this normally as these things are fucking ridiculous (for obvious reasons) but I had to do my top 50 (ish) albums for Louder Than War (on account of it being good SEO) so thought I may as well bung them on here.

My main personal incentive for doing this def aint SEO related, it’s to try to make every other website / blog who does similar to think about their policy of only really selecting white guitar band / electronic artists in their lists of top albums of the year. Coz that fucking sucks. Anyone who can’t think of one great reggae album of the last year doesn’t deserve to call themselves a music fan imo. Same with metal, African music, folk etc. etc. etc. (Yeah, I know that’s a bit harsh and will probably alienate EVERYONE reading this coz you probably none of you have listened to a reggae album since that lame Nirvana covers album a couple of years ago, but fuckit). That accusation rings double true to those of you who ever listened to Peel.

As I have my natural proclivities regarding music giving the below a meaningful order isn’t something that I’d be able to do, so lets just leave them clumped into their general categories … segregated as it were, the irony of which aint escaping me! Knock down those barriers yo! Or just stay confined in your sorry little niches.

Of course if you’re desperate to listify the below I recommend you cross reference with the 3 sections of the Louder Than War #aoty list:

Louder Than War’s Albums of the Year 2013: 150 -101

Louder Than War’s Albums of the Year 2013: 100 - 51

Louder Than War’s Albums of the Year 2013: 50 - 1

BOOM! And we’re off…


1. Gorgon Sound vs Dubkasm - The Versions E.P.
2. Alborosie - Sound The System
3. Black Roots - On The Ground In Dub
4. Cornell Campbell - New Scroll


5. Full Of Hell - Rudiments of Mutilation
6. Malevolence - Reign Of Suffering
7. Watain - The wild Hunt
8. Altar Of Plagues – Teethed Glory And Injury


9. Tamikrest - Chatma
10. Bassekou Kouyaté & Ngoni Ba - Jama Ko
11. Mulatu Astatke Sketches Of Ethiopia Jazz Village
12. The Full English - The Full English
13. Southern Tenant Folk Union - Hello Cold Goodbye Sun


14. Jon Hopkins - Immunity
15. Prurient - Through The Window
16. The Haxan Cloak - Excavation
17. Young Echo - Nexus
18. Oneohtrix Point Never - R Plus Seven
19. Dan Friel - total folklore
20. Hacker Farm - The Outer Church

Hip Hip:

21. Kanye West - Yeezus
22. Death Grips - Government Plates
23. clipping - midcity
24. MIA - Matangi
25. Buggsy - The Great Escape Season 2

Noise / Rock

26. Melt Banana - Fetch
27. The Pirate Ship Quintet - Rope for No-Hopers
28. Thought Forms - Ghost Mountain
29. Pissed Jeans - Honeys
30. Black Pus - All My Relations
31. Foot Village - Make Memories
32. The Body - Christs, Redeemers
33. Gnod - Chaudelande
34. Pharmakon - Abandon


35. Touche Amore - Is Survived By
36. RVIVR - The Beauty Between
37. Rival Mob - Mob Justice
38. Paramore - Paramore
39. Wolf x Down - Stray From The Path
40. Self Defense Family - Try Me
41. Nails - Abandon All Life
42. Weekend Nachos - Still
43. Power Trip - Manifest Decimation


44. Joanna Gruesome - Weird Sister
45. Talulah Gosh - Was It Just A Dream?
46. Oliver Wilde - A Brief Introduction to Unnatural Lightyears
47. Joanna Gruesome - Weird Sister


48. Blind Lemon Jefferson - The Rough Guide To Blues Legends: Blind Lemon Jefferson


49. Melt Yourself Down - Melt Yourself Down
50. The Ex And Brass Unbound - Enormous Door

There were many near misses, a few of the more notable are below:

War Wolf - Riding With Demons

Grouper - The Man Who Died In His Boat

DJ Rashad - Double Cup

Satelliti - Transister

Dean Blunt - The Redeemer

Annette Berlin - The Playground 2013

A$AP Rocky - Long.Live.A$AP

Wolf Down - Stray From The Path

Cult Of Luna – Vertikal

Incendiary - Cost of Living

Terror - Live By the Code

The END.

An thoughts gratefully received, esp if those thoughts include stuff I missed / haven’t  heard yet.

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Posted at 7:45 AM 05 January 2014

Gesaffelstein’s “Hate or Glory” gets a violent, greed-fueled video. Dark stuff. Dude got an album due out at the end of the month. On the basis of this alone it’s gunna be off da scale.

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Posted at 5:05 AM 04 October 2013

Something a bit different. The Haxan Cloak’s remixed ‘Amber Road,’ a track taken from Cloud Boat’s debut album ‘Book of Hours.’

The Haxan Cloak remix is a free download for only 24 hours so strike while the iron’s hot mon amis.

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Posted at 5:11 PM 05 September 2013

I’m going to see the flipping Orb tonight! Classic ambient house! 

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Posted at 4:45 AM 28 June 2013
9 play(s)

Wreck & Reference - Abhorrence
(No Content)

The title of this two track ep is actually Content but I cannae strikethrough above. It’s pronounced “No Content” anyway.

Heavy and experimental with nods to post-metal, industrial, electronic, noise and doom, this duo’s latest work is a trainwreck of contradictions yet devastatingly somber and addictive. 

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Posted at 8:08 AM 16 May 2013


Just what this lovely weather’s crying out for, some sick raggabass beats. Stream above or download via this link.

In the world of Electronic Music, genres have become a dime a dozen. But as far back as the early days of Techno, House, and Jungle, Producers have not only explored the foundations that came out of Detroit & Germany, but have also developed an allegiance of followers that have been chasing the roots of Digital Dub, Reggae, & Dancehall by the likes of King Tubby, Jammy, and Steely & Cleevie. Drawing on the foundations by mixing sound system culture with dance music culture they gave rise to productions that for the most part have outlived the genres they were packaged in. So when I thought of the term Raggabass, it was intended to be both a tribute and an evolution of that legacy. Choosing not to be pigeonholed by a BPM, but instead interweaving the stylistic connections of modern roots music, this first volume is a mixture of new tracks and essential selections from the last few years. - PLAY IT LOUD!

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Posted at 11:34 AM 10 May 2013

This is awesome, harsh, dirty, electronic noise. DIY punk for a new generation.

Tiz off a soon to be released compilation, out 8th Apr I think. The album’s full of similar such brilliant stuff. 

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Posted at 5:31 AM 13 March 2013


"But but but Daddy, they sound like Animal Collective crossed with Vampire Weekend a bit don’t they Daaaaady?"

"Yes, son, they do, but that’s ok cuz we like Animal Collective & Vampire Weekend a don’t we suhsuhsuhsuhsuhnny".

"But but but Daddy, I thought we didn’t Daaaaaddy".

"Oh, suhsuhsuhsuhsuhnny. Oh".

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Posted at 7:02 AM 27 February 2013

Oneida have just released this video shot at their 15th Anniversary show last December which also featured Black Dice as the opening band.

Way fun experimental psychedelic rock NOISE punctuated by words from the band.

As it sez on

Their influences include psychedelic rock, krautrock, electronic, and noise rock, but the overall structure and intent of their music cannot be easily traced to any of these styles, or the myriad other styles they have drawn upon in recordings.

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Posted at 11:40 AM 19 February 2013

I’ve liked Ghostpoet since forever, or at least since before I saw him at STB a couple of years ago.

He got a new album due out May (just announced) & off which comes this cut.

After 1000 Reposts This Track Will Be Downloadable so whatcha waiting for?

Chilled beats innit?


Jelas, Dagger Brothers, Guncleaner, Bad Guys, Ladyscraper


About as close as i get to a spur of the moment gig. I knew about this gig but forgot about till, at 5.05 (ish), The Jelas tweeted that they were playing that night. Hugely coincidentally I’d just been talking about them earlier in the day so I decided fate had properly decreed, in the way that she often does, that I should pop along even though I already had a ticket for a 6pm screening of Chinatown @wshed & was intending to go straight home after it.

As you can no doubt imagine I fecking love multi genre lineups & this was about as multi genre a lineup as you can get. Multi genre & Bristol to the core.

Contrary to the set list The Jelas kicked things off with their wonderfully staccato, stoppy starty, edgy, clangorous, beautiful mess of a distorted pop sound during which all members participate in some sort of shouting at some juncture during most of the songs, probably around 60% or so of it way off mic. Have liked them for a while & probably missed them on at least 3 occasions last year so good to finally catch em. They released the single below last year, Red Dot, and golly was it a corker.

Dagger Brothers next. They were, like, two guys singing / dancing weirdly over a backing track. It was hard to remove the smile from my face for the first couple of songs then the joke wore a tiny bit thin. Fair play to them tho, they seemed to entertain folks well.

Next, my first trip upstairs at the Stag & Hounds for Guncleaner who was fecking A. Well on the money, electronic music honed in the style of the great Pete Swanson, it involved a geezer who dabbled in extracting noises & beats from circuit boards which messed with your brain with the repeated beats & noises so you think you shouldn’t be able to dance to but you do, so much so that you dance your fecking socks off in the end. Wanna see him again. Soon. You can get a free download of his stuff here. Do, it’s rad.

Brain suitably, beautifully fried it was back downstairs for the trio Bad Guys who brought some serious riffs & heavy rocking to the bill. Loud, grindy metalcore, totally, beautifully out of nowhere & perfectly spot on, just what the night needed. Lots of head banging & bouncing on the spot.

Went home then & missed Ladyscraper. Soz chaps. I was fucked & I hadn’t had any tea, So I came home to a big bowl of frozen peas & banana / peanut butter on toast. I don’t know why either. What can i say, that’s veganzzz for ya eh? 


New Haxan Cloak

Pretty much by a square mile the most amazing live experience I witnessed last year was The Haxan Cloak’s set at Lakota during the FOF festival. This is what I wrote about his set in the review I put up on Louder Than War:

The venue couldn’t have been more appropriate, it being cold, stark, harsh, empty & metallic it mirrored THC’s dark, dissonant, jarring, music perfectly. If you aren’t familiar with THC imagine the most soul destroying music you can think of then imagine something that makes that sound like, I dunno, something pretty jolly. THC’s music works best if you can let yourself go & get sucked into it. It’s desolate & grinding & frankly it reduced me to a shell. I was totally lost, rapt in the oppressive, crisp, crashing beats which were pulsing through the room. The one moment I managed to pull myself out of the hypnotic drag of the music & glance around it seemed everyone was doing the same as me, hands thrust in pockets body maniacally swaying. The music finished & I staggered towards the bar to try & figure shit out. I didnt really figure much shit out but I did decide that from now on in it’d be more appropriate to refer to him as “The Motherfucking Haxan Cloak”.

Haha! That takes me back! The music seems to take on a totally different shape when listened to in your reasonably well lit, warm, cosy living room.

Still kick’s ass mind. 

Anyway, THC has a new album due out soon, called Excavation. Still reckon “Evisceration” would be more appropriate but what can I say.

To whet our whistles he dropped a teaser track off it last week. Listen here:

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Posted at 6:07 PM 31 January 2013

Another great newish band - Psykers. They’ve recently been compared to Death Grips (without the rapping so not really anything like Death Grips in the main sense that Death grips is but in every other respect it is a pretty understandable. MIDI sound effects, synths, and a shocking (as in electric shocking not, y’know, “really terrible” shocking drum kit. Ace stuff. Check out more by them HERE.

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Tagged with Psykers, Noise, Electronic, MIDI, Synths,
Posted at 5:30 PM 17 January 2013

Got a CD from those nice folk at Tailored a couple of weeks ago. Not having a CD player or an optical drive in my Mac I didn’t listen to it.

It was called “TM404” - mysterious!

Turns out it’s the new Andreas Tilliander album & it’s fucking sick. 

On his youtube channel you can witness Tilliander’s work with the machines, creating ambient dub simmering with life and details.

Check it.

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Posted at 11:34 AM 10 January 2013

Mixing in up a bit. Grurrr.

Pev & Kowton - Junked. 

Spooky toon.

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Posted at 4:14 AM 09 January 2013