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YO! It’s clipping. bitches, again. Today on Louder Than War I published an interview with the band’s daveed diggs, william hutson & jonathan snipes, collectively the dopest motherfuckers ever tumbled out fallopians. Fact. 

Rallying behind the clarion call “It’s clipping., bitches” the experimental rap come noise trio have had quite a year so far. First came their debut album, midcity, which has been pretty much universally lauded around the internets, (and easily earned itself a spot in our mid-year albums of the year list). Rocking it out to both ‘slick, elegant & catchy’ but also ‘harsh, abrasive & difficult’ extremes it’s the biggest breath of fresh air you will have heard all year & it provoked thoughts (in us at least) along the lines of “these guys could be massive if they got picked up by a major label”. Cue the mighty Sub Pop stepping up to the oche & proving once again they’re as current, daring & forward thinking as any label out there by offering to welcome them aboard “the Sub Pop train,” an offer which was duly accepted. The future is bright, the future is clipping., bitches.

Read the full interview over HERE

18 london @ birthdays (with MxLx of BEAK>)

19 cardiff @ swn festival

 20 brighton @ twisted pepper

27 birmingham @ bring to light (with Robedoor)

28 dublin @ twisted pepper

I’ll be at the Sŵn Festival date fwiw.

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Posted at 7:49 AM 23 September 2013

I.E. - Most Importantly

The latest in an occasional series of “I can’t believe how dope this is” is the brilliant I.E. Considerably more pop than you’re used to finding on here I think you’ll agree but that doesn’t matter when the end result’s this good.

I.E.’s music exists somewhere between bedroom K-Pop star, chola rave queen with a computer programming job, and outcast from the mall punk scene. 

Sez it all that does. If you can’t imagine losing your shit to this in a small sweaty DIY disco room there’s no hope for ye. Crazy danceable beats, chants n toons. 

The album you can grab for free in digital format by heading thither. You can also grab it as a 12” vinyl there too (limited to 100 copies).

If you only listen to one track off it I’d make it this one:

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Posted at 7:09 AM 20 August 2013

So stoked that while I’ve been away it was announced that clipping. had been signed to the admittedly not quiet so mighty as they once were but still pretty mighty Subpop.

Rarely has a signing been so well deserved.

clipping.’s ‘mid city’ (released earlier this year) is easily one of my top 3 releases so far. Fucking love it.  Big time. 


…he celebrated the announcement by releasing the above video.  ”for the fan favorite track “bout.that”, which extends their interest in distorted Betamax imagery. Tying together clipping.’s own harsh aesthetic to the raw visuals of early 90s rap videos, “Bout That” looks like a lost gem that you recorded late at night at your mom’s house, got tossed in a box of stuff when you went off to college, now found again twenty years later. Filmed in the group’s LA neighborhood of Midcity, and staring three actual sign twirlers that work the area, the landscape is as much the star of this video as the group themselves.

So get on it! And remember that ‘midcity’ can still be downloaded for free via clipping.’s site:

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Posted at 10:22 AM 13 June 2013


Just got back to town from the road portion of the clipping. / Foot Village tour. Thank you to everyone that came out, got loud, and maybe even gave us a place to sleep for 3 minutes. The home show here in LA goes down Mon May 20th with Black Pus. Don’t miss out!

In the meantime, here is a nice multi-angle film of clipping. performing “Loud” up in Vancouver at Zoo Zhop. One of the tightest cities we’ve ever played in. Way to show the states how it’s done, Canada! BTW - Zoo Zhop now carries the latest Foot Village album, plus some titles from the Deathbomb catalog (including some rare cassettes).

video by Spirit Vegetable.

Foot Village on Deathbomb Arc.
clipping. on Deathbomb Arc.

clipping.’s album midcity is easily one of my top 10 albums of the year thus far in. we’re supposed to be running a top 50 albums midway thru the year   on Louder Than War. not sure what i’m gonna do as our boss thinks that Savages album is the first great album of the century & I think it’s a pile of derivative, dull dreck. If Savages are going to be at no. 1 I won’t want my name attached to it so i may sit it out. If not I’ll be fighting for Midcity to be quite high in it. and I’ll be making sure that the position of Savages album is not one 100% agreed across the Louder Than War team.

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Posted at 5:10 AM 15 May 2013


One of the most important bands in Deathbomb Arc’s history, Child Pornography, are assembling an album of unreleased tracks, rarities, and more, to be released shortly after the new year. This self-released album will be available on cassette and download and is called ‘No More Parties’. A collection like this has been long coming for any Child P fan, and to help get you excited, they have already released a music video from it for the song previously unreleased song “We’re Gonna Ruin You”. Directed by Jen from Co-Lab Projects.

In the 00s, Deathbomb Arc released the 2nd and 3rd full length albums from Child Pornography plus a ton of other tracks. Check out the full list of them here, most are still in print!

And for more Child P music videos.

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Posted at 6:47 PM 17 December 2012

Totem Terrors

Don’tcha just hate it when someone on t’other side of the world tips you off about a band in your own back yard? Ok, happen Cardiff’s not quite “in my own back yard” but it’s definitely considerably closer to being my back yard than some dude (Brian Miller) in America’s back yard right?

Totem Terrors are one of those bands who kind of have half a foot in the edgier end of ‘indie’ & half a foot in the less edgy end of ‘punk’, or ‘post-punk’ if you prefer. It’s kind of C86’ish, (I’m assuming that by “C86’ish” you know I don’t mean ‘twee’ which is what most people understand by the term C86ish these days). If that’s the sort of description that’ll get you running for t’hills normally (full disclosure: it probably would me) DON’T LET THAT BE YOUR REACTION THIS ONCE, EH? 

It says this on the band’s website:

The band write pop songs for people who don’t like pop music. Their sound, initially inspired by post-punk, has mutated under the influence of Smith and Hicks’ fascinations with the eighties, the fifties and the twenty twenties.

If you wanna buy stuff by em then all you can do at present is go join Deathbomb Arc’s digi download club. It’s only $10 & will get you Totem Terror’s debut single PLUS shedloads of other wonderful mp3’s by shedloads of other wonderful bands throughout the rest of the year. Here’s the appropriate link. Fucking do it: 


The above video includes two songs AND a bit of an ‘awkward but sweet’ interview. 

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Posted at 5:02 PM 09 March 2012