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So, did what I said I was gonna did do do & went to see Böikzmöind yesterday. Again. Deffo enjoyed it more now I actually ride fixed myself. Still comes over as an incredibly professional piece of film work considering it was made by a bunch of (self effacing) amateurs. Twas all I could do to stop myself whupping after the opening sequence (which I missed at the free screening in millennium square last year) it’s so impressive & uplifting. Indeed, if I didn’t know I whup like a girl I probably would’ve done.

My only complaint really would be is that it makes out you have to be either a beast or a fucking idiot to want to ride fixed around Bristol on account of the hills. My experience has been the opposite, I’ve found no hills in Bristol (& I’ve ridden up most of them on my fixie now) that are harder to surmount fixed rather than on a many geared road böik  Indeed, I’ve never wanted for extra gears when I’ve been going uphill, only downhill. (It’s bastard hard work keeping yo legs moving round fast enough sometimes & hitting the brake equates with a massive #fail).

After seeing the film last year I kind of wondered if I really wanted to get a fixed gear böik  despite having hankered after one for years. In the end I just saw one I couldn’t resist & haven’t looked back. I suspect the reason everyone in the film was making it out to be a nightmare to ride fixed is coz they’ve forgotten what a pain in the arse riding a clunky old many geared road böik is. Not their fault, obviously being made within the community it only featured people who’ve been committed fixed gear riders for years & I’m sure none of them ever swap onto road bikes ever. Logically it does makes sense that it’ll be harder round a city like Bristol fixed.

Maybe my böikz one gear is more suited to going up rather than down hill, I dunno.

Anyway, Gavin, whose baby Böikz was, made this special film just for Easter. There’s a message in it & it’s dedicated to his old boik, Liberace, which was stolen while he was making the film. It’s a bit sad & may make you cry. Or laugh if you’re cold of heart. No one could accuse it of having a Hollywood happy ending for sure. So be warned.

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Posted at 3:37 AM 10 April 2012