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Trembling Bells And Bonnie Prince Billie

Went to see Trembling Bells & Bonnie Prince Billie on Thurs. Wasn’t sure whether I’d enjoy it that much, seemed like a weird combination but y’know what? It really worked. Live anyway, still not totally convinced it works on record mind. 

There was never any question of doubt who was the focus of attention on stage. Bonnie Prince Billie was the focus of attention on stage. He had a fine jacket on that, whenever he rose his hands up showed off his belly button quite impressively. Everyone was all agog. When they weren’t copying his hand movements like fucking children & giggling between themselves about it rather than listening to the frigging music.

So, the audience were a bunch of dicks. Old dicks. So weird being at a gig surrounded by people way older than myself. All pretty drunk, shouting out totally unfunny comments & asking Will to have their babies. One woman even fucking blew him kisses at every opportunity. Jeez. This is why I try to avoid any gig at a venue with a capacity over 200.

Music was great anyway. The two voices worked well together & despite the fact that Trembling Bells are from Scotland the whole came over as old school classic Americana folk brought up to date.

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Posted at 5:34 PM 05 May 2012