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WOOOOOOOOOP! New Atari Teenage Riot to wrap yer lugholes right round. 


It’s a shnippet of a track off their new album.

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Posted at 8:27 AM 30 September 2013

Thought Forms, Big Joan & Geisha Noise Research Group.

Awesome night, cracking bill. This was always going to be a contender for gig of the year. Thought Forms & Big Joan are two of the cities best bands by a mile (I’ve spoken about them both on here before so won’t again). Both kick ass & you should buy as much of their shit as you can get your hands on.

Here’s a track from Big Joan’s last album, the track that sounds most like Gang Of Four:

And here’s a track by Thought Forms. It’s a over a year old but representative:


Both of those bands are pretty noisy but they were nowt compared to the nights headliners, Geisha Noise Research Group who treated us to a pretty impressive aural evisceration. Atari Teenage Riot with shed loads more added intensity. And we all know how intense ATR are. Stonishing. Bleeding stonishing. Bleeding ears stonishing. Very amusing that I saw them on the same day as that new campaign about tinitus was launched. “Oh tinitus, up yours”.

They have a new album “in post-production” atm. Have touched em up for a pre-release download code /streaming link whatever for Louder Than War review purposes so watch this (or that) place.

The video below was made last night. And yuuuup, that is me doing my usual whooping ting in the background.