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I know it goes w/out saying but that Actress, he’s a bit good huh?

ps his real name’s darren cunningham you know. which is very near richie cunningham. who was a friend of the fonz. i expect it’s all starting to make sense now innit? hope so.

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Posted at 6:26 PM 31 July 2012

Mid Year Top 10

So, the four of us who ‘do’ Louder Than War put our collective top 10 favourite “albums of the year so far” together for a definitive “Louder Than War” top 50 albums of the first half of 2012. Actually it’s kind of more John’s list - as you can tell by the fact that neither of my 2 favourite albums of the year made it into the top 50! I shall be pushing doubly hard to get both Perfume Genius & the Hype Williams twosome to get into the end of year lists for sure although I guess their chances are both pretty slim.
Anyway here’s my top 10 (11 actually - boosted by Big Joan just for this list, I knew it wouldn’t make the cut for LTW so didn’t choose it there). Video’s for the top three then a bunch of other great albums I could have also picked.
1. Perfume Genius - Put Yr Back N 2 It

2. Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland - Black Is Beautiful

3. DeathGrips - The Money Store

4. Traxman - Da Mind Of Traxman
5. Vibronics – The French Connection 
6. Lower Dens - Nooptropics
7. Actress - RIP
8. Grimes - Visions
9. Yva Las Vegass - ‘I Was Born In a Place of Sunshine and the Smell of Ripe Mangoes’ 
10. OFF! - OFF!
11. Big Joan - The Long Slow Death Of Big Joan 

PABH -Tough Love
Sleigh Bells - Reign Of Terror
Hodgy Beats - Untitled
Flats - Better Living
Ceremony - Zoo
Amadou & Mariam - Folila
Lone - Galaxy Garden
Julia Holter - Ekstasis
Gonjasufi - MU.ZZ.LE
Future of the Left - The Plot Against Common Sense.
Peaking Lights - ‘Lucifer’
Julia Holter ‘Ekstasis’
Japandroids, ‘Celebration Rock’
Sharon Van Etten, ‘Tramp’
Julia Holter 0 Ekstasis
Gonjasufi - MU.ZZ.LE
Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury - Drokk Music Inspired By Mega-City One
Bass Clef - Reeling Skullways
The 2 Bears, ‘Be Strong’
Vijay Iyer Trio - Accelerando <= (The Token Jazz album)
Quakers - Quakers
ScHoolboy Q- Habits & Contradictions
A Place To Bury Strangers - Worship
The Politix - {pō-‘li-tiks}
The Caretaker - Patience (After Sebald)
Earth - Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II
Ty Segall and White Fence - Hair
Tim Hecker - Ravedeath
Sizzla Kalonji - Mr. Danjol
Pariso - Nothing Beyond Everything After
Ministry - Relapse
Meshuggah - Koloss
The Men - Open Your Heart
Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury - Drokk Music Inspired By Mega-City One
Earth - Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II
Bass Clef - Reeling Skullways
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Posted at 6:07 PM 17 June 2012

Crazylegs & Dimensions with Actress, Pinch, Wookie, Midland, Trim at The Blue Mountain

Last night was one of the best nights of my life. Assuming we’re only talking about nights I’ve spent on my own anyway. So much dancing. Really hard dancing. It’s night’s like this that make you realise why Bristol’s so special. My gut’s are still rumbling with all that bass. So fucking rad. Of course everyone’s been hailing Actresses R.I.P. as album of the year& with good reason. f you haven’t heard it yet that’s sad. Rectify this nows:

There were five acts during the night, one live. Each act was totally different to the other but all seriously heavy with on the bass. Highlight of the night for me was a masterful set from king of Tectonic, Pinch. Really deep, really dark (mainly - not exclusively) & full of classics.

I swear I haven’t felt so compelled to dance for ages. Didn’t for a minute think I’d make it till light’s up time @ 5am but there was no leaving this one.

Blue Mountain’s gotta be about the best club in Bristol, mainly coz they keep it so beautifully cool in there. One chick was in her cardy all night & i didn’t need to change my t-shirt once. Some other chick got me confused with a guy she’d been talking to all night & didn’t believe me when I said I wasn’t John. “Oh come on, of course you’re john, what’s your name then? oh, Guy, well why did you tell me your name was john then, john” before turning to john’s mate who said “that isn’t john”. “I know that now but it was really mean your telling me his name was John when it’s Guy”. At which point John reappeared & she was all “Eek, look, it’s 2 of them, they look identical” which must’ve been a bit of a bummer for John as john was not only considerably better looking than me but also approximately 15-20 yrs younger. Poor kid.

Fun night, fun times. AND no one mistook me for a dealer ALL night! RESULT!

Oh, and as an afterthought here’s the set times. In terms of best to worst it went Pinch best, Actress, Wookie, Midland & Trim (I wasn’t here for a live show so wasn’t in the mood for Trim. Reading your raps off a smart phone didn’t help).

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Posted at 7:32 PM 13 May 2012
Craaaaaazeeeeeeeeleggggggs is presenting: THIS (THAT) THIS.
Actress, Pinch, Samoyed, etc, etc etc. Ripperrrrrrrrrr.
They are Crazylegs they are.

Craaaaaazeeeeeeeeleggggggs is presenting: THIS (THAT) THIS.

Actress, Pinch, Samoyed, etc, etc etc. Ripperrrrrrrrrr.

They are Crazylegs they are.

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Posted at 3:57 AM 17 April 2012