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So stoked that while I’ve been away it was announced that clipping. had been signed to the admittedly not quiet so mighty as they once were but still pretty mighty Subpop.

Rarely has a signing been so well deserved.

clipping.’s ‘mid city’ (released earlier this year) is easily one of my top 3 releases so far. Fucking love it.  Big time. 


…he celebrated the announcement by releasing the above video.  ”for the fan favorite track “bout.that”, which extends their interest in distorted Betamax imagery. Tying together clipping.’s own harsh aesthetic to the raw visuals of early 90s rap videos, “Bout That” looks like a lost gem that you recorded late at night at your mom’s house, got tossed in a box of stuff when you went off to college, now found again twenty years later. Filmed in the group’s LA neighborhood of Midcity, and staring three actual sign twirlers that work the area, the landscape is as much the star of this video as the group themselves.

So get on it! And remember that ‘midcity’ can still be downloaded for free via clipping.’s site:

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Posted at 10:22 AM 13 June 2013
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