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Anthroprophh - Precession.

Another of Bristols finest doing the driving psychedelic cum krautrock thing; heavy, motorik beats, clanging industrialised guitars and surging drones. This is off their recently released album, also called Anthroprophh & released by the excellent Rocket Recording’s who frustratingly don’t seem to be into sending me promo for any of their releases! 

They’re playing in Bristol on Sunday (see poster below - tiz an album launch ting I think) with fucking Big Naturals as their (his) backing band which is fucking cool except I’m kind of committed to going to see Dinosaur Jnr at Fiddlers. I saw the Anthroprophh / Big Naturals trio once before (when they were supporting Flipper) & it was fucking incredible. So tbh, given a straight up choice I’d pick Anthroprophh over Dinosaur Jnr but I’ve gone to quite a bit of effort to get list for both me & a mate for Dinosaur Jnr. Anyway, probably shouldn’t grumble about having to go see Dinosaur Jnr eh?


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Posted at 4:42 PM 31 January 2013
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  3. charlie-romijn said: chris says he sent an email to LTW asking for a mailing address to send promos and never got a reply, email it me if ya want and I will get you put on the list x
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