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Vales: Louder Than War - New Band Of The Day

As you know I went to see Suis La Lune & Vales on Tues. Was a fucking rad night though in part that was coz for a mere £1 you could also get into the show in the front room which included the brutally powerful Notebooks who were astonishing. Fucking no idea why more people didn’t do it in fact, go into the front room, fucking incredible how people are so musically unadventurous. “Ooh, they don’t quite fit into our pretty little scene & they’re not signed to one of our pretty little labels so I’ll be fucked if I’m gonna go pay a quid to go see them”. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh. (Tempted to go off on one now but I’ll Raein myself in).

Anyway, Vales were sick (natch) & as I’d been meaning to do summat about them on Louder Than War for several months it served as a stimulus to get my motherfucking shit together & do iiiiiiiiiiiiiit. 

And now here I am pimping my “motherfucking shit” on here. Clicky through if you wanna read huh?

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Posted at 9:32 AM 21 July 2012
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