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Save Le Pub

If you got some dosh to chuck away this would be a good “way” to chuck it.

Newport venue Pub is up for sale. The current owner can no longer run the business and needs to sell. So far, everyone who has gone to look around the venue to buy it, wants to turn it into a wine bar, or flats or something that it’s not. After the closure of Newport TJs we don’t want that to happen to Le Pub. We think that’s bad for music in Newport. Bad for music in Wales. We keep seeing venues close in Wales and the UK, with people unable to step in to save things. It’s terrible for live music in Wales - for new bands finding places to play; for people to find venues to see bands, make friends, make memories and do something different.

Welsh promoters Sŵn and the manager of Le Pub, Sam Harries, are launching a campaign to Save Le Pub. Between us, we have the expertise to run the venue, to book more shows in the spirit with which the venue has been operating and to help bring more people to the venue. It’ll be a struggle, but we all believe it’s worth fighting for. We have hope. But what we don’t have is enough money to buy the venue and carry out the re-decoration that Le Pub desperately needs.

So we need your help. And fast. We need to raise the extra capital to purchase Le Pub and restore it to its former glory so it can remain open and continue as a space for live music in Newport.

We know we need at least £20,000. That’s a lot of money. But there’s a lot of you. People who have watched bands in Le Pub, drunk in Le Pub, played in Le Pub or want to play in Le Pub. Whatever you can contribute will help.

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Posted at 5:46 PM 19 July 2012
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