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Notebooks, Vales, Svalbard, We Came Out Like Tigers & Suis La Lune.

The title has these bands listed in order of best to worst.

Notebooks!!!!! Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!! Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Angry, Noisy and dark hardcore/sludge from Scotland" just about sums it up. THE most powerful band I think I’ve ever seen. If there were a contest where a bunch of bands were given the same kit, amps, stage & auditorium & told to make as biiiiiiiiiig a noise as possible Notebooks would come along & piss on everyone else. Imagine they can just squeeze more angry out of the same kit than any other band. 

Any. Other. Band.

All. Of. Them.


It’s like a struggle to keep your position when they start playing & not be knocked backerds* by the force of their sound.

So psyched they were, so rapt in the music, so rapt in making noise, so rapt in making mincemeat of your eardrums, so so so…………so RAPT. The bass player in particular kept on trying to punch inanimate things, like the ceiling & the wall at the back of the room. Funny. And psyched. And RAPT.

Mad thing was I only came along tonight to see Suis La Lune & Vales (née Veils). Got there & found I could get into the front bar gig for an extra squiddiddly (1 of my english (or scottish for tonights porpoises) pounds). BEST POUND I EVER SPENT.

Suis La Lune were a bit lame but straight out of seeing Notebooks that wasn’t surprising.

Vales were dope, rad & siiiiiiiiiiiiiiick. Chlo was a FUCKING TROUPER, despite her voice being obviously fucked (cue swig on bottle of honey at start of the set) she manfully (womanfully) screamed her way through their whole set. So many clever changes of pace. Really intelligent hardcore, amazing they’ve only been going around a year. Everything you’d expect from a band of their ilk, no real new tricks but everything was done their way. This wasn’t some random hardcore gig this was Vales. Yep, they’ve been hyped a bit but they deserve it. Think this tour (or the name change) has marked a new stage for them, they’ve shifted up a gear, shit’s clicked. DO not miss this band play if you get a chance.

Elephants & rooms, proving the inclusivity of the hardcore scene, tonight not only saw a band with a woman in it but also a band with a black guy in it (!) (yay!) & a band with a VIOLIN (!) (yay!) in it. Sad that such occurrences are so rare that they’re worthy of comment of course. Fecking violins should feature more in hardcore. We Came Out Like Tigers were with a violin. They were rad. Another band new to me but now I’ve seen them I’m gonna remember that name coz they’re flipping ace. They have a free download you can get here. Emotive & honest they’re a Liverpool screamo band (don’t think I’m entirely sure what a screamo band is, they seemed like a straight up hardcore act to me, bit like any of the swell (rip) or crush bands around atm. But I’m obviously an oaf w/out a clue). They fecking rocked anyhow.

After Suis La Lune who were ok, nowt special, just ok, & on tonights bills that didnae really cut it, I rushed back to the front room for Bristol’s Svalbard who got the juices flowing again, got me moving again. Great band. “Super Rad” to quote Matt. Another band that kind of defy compartmentalising, an alternative, melodic hardcore band featuring lots of people from separate Bristol bands. Worth checking out some time. If you get a chance.




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Posted at 3:49 AM 19 July 2012
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