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Went to see Lovely Eggs (again) last night. They were supported by Standard Fare (also seeing them again, again) & Glis Glis (also also seeing them again).

About 6 months since I’d seen TLE’s last, 5 months since I saw SF & GG I last saw 2 months ago. Shockingly The ‘bleeding’ Croft seem to be heading the same way as The ‘motherfucking’ Thekla. Pissing off bands, gig goers & promoters. That sort of thing. On the day of the show they turned round & said the gig had to finish by 10pm coz they had a party / club night booked. And of course students getting pissed spend loads more than gig goers watching a show so the gig goers get fucked over in preference for the student. What sort of a fucked up hierarchy chain is that? A fucked up one is what.

Anyway The Croft never mentioned it on twitter & their website on the evening still said 7.30 ko. So I get’s there at 8 to find I’ve missed Glis Glis who were on at 7.15. I know I only saw em a couple of nights ago but would’ve liked to have seen them again.

Standard Fare & Them Eggs were both great. Really fecking hot in that front room tho - why is it only hardcore bands playing in there have the nous to turn the industrial fans on?They’re fecking effective but so many bands obviously choose to swelter instead. Maaaaaadness. Standard Fare still ply their punchy indie thing & The Lovely Eggs their punky indie thing - both have pretty much nailed their own corners of the indie world. Think I preferred both last time altho the new stuff the lovely eggs played was well hard.

Oh yeah, and what’s with promoters booking TLE in tiny venues? Last time was the cellar at the louis, sold out, this time the front room at The Croft, sold out. It doesn’t make sense.

Tbh if I’d known the gig was gonna be over early I’d have been cool with it - I’m ill (hence why i aint doing rave on avon) & a 10pm ending would’ve been fine. Just pissed the croft never said owt, no excuse in these days of social media an all.

Still feel really uncomfy being stood in a roomful of ageing indie kids mind. Totally freaks me out tbh. Sends the old twee alerts racing (despite bands not being particularly twee the audience deffo were). How I’d love to see that audience at Weekend Nacho’s in July. 

Above is a video for The Lovely Eggs last single (it’s 5 days old). Enjoy.

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Posted at 6:53 PM 19 May 2012
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