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Sauna Youth

Ok, so I lied about no more references to the Ceremony gig. This band was the top support. I’ve been hearing murmurings about them for a while now, all to the effect that they make good noise. I first read about in Loud & Quiet who have a reputation as far as I’m concerned for getting on board with new hc / punk bands before the rest of the music press catch up (e.g., they were onto Cerebral Ballzy way before any of the rest of the music press got on message about them). So it’d be nice to think that it could take off for these guys soon too.

Sauna Youth are another of those bands that fit into the ‘tricksy hardcore’ bracket, something that made them an excellent support for Ceremony. tags em ‘garage rock’. Not so sure I 100% agree with that although they do cite The Ramones as an influence & their earlier stuff does come over more garagy than the music they were playing on Weds. They’re an old sk00l diy punk band; they have no manager to book gigs, they design their own art work, they shoot their own vids & of make their own noisy. Hardcore noisy.

The drummer’s also the lead singer (shouter). Quite an achievement considering all their songs are 200bpm or faster. I like that they put a couple of spoken word stories on their first release & have played more live gigs than they’ve had practice sessions (or had when the L&Q piece was written). 

If you like what you see in the video then go visit their website where you can listen to more music & maybs download some if you fancy. I did & I’m dead poor so there’s no reason for you not to do so too. Unless of course you’re even poorer than me. Or don’t like their sound. 

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Posted at 6:51 AM 23 March 2012
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