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Me & This

Hi. I’m guy. 

I imagine that mostly I will be using this blog to talk about music from genres inclusive and genres unknown plus gig reviews, films I’ve been too, politics from a democratic socialists POV, & general waffle. It will like as not have a Bristol slant as that’s where I live.

My 1st love music wise is US no wave / Post No Wave / US Hardcore / Noiserock / Esp The Minutemen. Having said that i dig all music. Except I’m not too keen on britpop.

I like discovering new music so the majority of stuff i put here will be stuff I find & like. I’d say there were probably only about three albums i listened to more than 3 times last year. I’m not saying this is a good thing. It’s just me. I don’t dislike music I’m familiar with I just find discovering new music way more exciting.

I write for & am reviews & new music editor of Louder Than War where you’ll find longish pieces from me. In the main though I’ll try & keep shit brief here. It is, after all, Tumblr.

Reviews I do here & on Louder Than War will be different. On LTW I’ll generally review the gig, here I’ll be more likely to review around the gig. Hopefully this will mean you don’t have to be a fan of the bands to enjoy my reviews here.

Oh yeah, I ride & endorse the riding of fixed gear bikes. #fixed4lyf.

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