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DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess
New double vinyl album: ‘Meets Most Soulmates At Faust Studio Deejay Laboratory’
Release date: 31st October 2014
Label: Klangbad (Klangbad 66LP)
Website: /

Edited by Ben Mergelsberg



NEW MXLX EP - Palazzo Di Sole, release coinciding with the new Fairhorns EP, a counterbalance of sorts… two longform sprawling slow-burn noise/ambient glorydays hymns. Limited to 100 Glassmaster CDs And why not?
Thus concludes the first actions of 2014 for Kinda Rad! Industries. Check back in the spring for MORE AKTION: Palazzo Di Sole by MXLX

Bitchin’ good grooves from his nibs, aka MXLX. Suck it ‘ard n see.

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Posted at 9:57 AM 14 February 2014

Great stuff this - new track by White Suns called "Priest in the Laboratory". It’s going to be on their new album ‘Totem’, which comes out on March 18th.

On this new album, White Suns’ signature onslaught is tempered by deadened stares and slow-burn instrumentals.  Renowned recording engineer Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans, Foetus) provided documentation of the performance in his labyrinthine BC Studio compound.  Totem is rock music realizing its obsolescence; the work of a band compelled to mutate.

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Posted at 8:05 AM 06 February 2014

Killer bluesy DIY garage rock from the Baltimore regain of the us of a.

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Posted at 8:00 AM 05 February 2014

We put an exclusive stream of this womans excellent new EP on Louder Than War yesterday. Top stuff. After giving the video above a good listen you must head over there and check the whole thing out. It’s mind glowingly good stuff. She marries classical sounds with DIY noise in her own, unique way. And goes by the name Lee Relvas, aka Rind. 

"Lee Relvas has a background both in opera / fine art and no-wave / noise. She marries both these two seemingly disparate elements to great effect to produce something that sounds at once both comfortable and familiar but also unsettling and even disturbing. "

Go here to check out the EP.

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Posted at 9:55 AM 04 February 2014

Was at the Carnist / Hello Bastards / Isolation Tank / Thrash It Out gig on Saturday and as is so often the case the best band on the bill were the one tagged “Power Violence”. The recording above doesn’t really do them justice but they’ll an excellent two-piece and they kind of nailed it.

Great gig in fact, near as damn it a sell out. Gotta be honest tho, all this Brouhaha about the whole crowd killing shit, I feel a lot safer at gigs where S/E kids come premeditatedly piling into the audience than I do at gigs where a load of pissed crust punks do so unpredictably. 

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Posted at 9:32 AM 04 February 2014

I seem to have gone a whole month without putting owt on here. Hey ho. Anyway, this fucking rips! 

Ithaca - Gaest

It’s one track off Tight To The Nail’s Winter Offensive 2014, a free to download compilation featuring hardcore, metal and punk. Get the full thing here. Or don’t - it’s kinda up to you.

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Posted at 9:19 AM 04 February 2014
79 play(s)

Holy Shit! - Live On WMSE (Set One)
(Live On WMSE)


Holy Shit! Live On WMSE

Sharing this is the single biggest reason I finally worked out how to make MP3s from my cassette tapes.  Here’s twelve songs in nine minutes that will make your ears bleed.  Enjoy!

                                       01 Bad Day Fishing
                                       02 Put A Bandaid On It
                                       03 Drink Tab Drop Out
                                       04 Midwest Beatdown
                                       05 Another Great Idea
                                       06 Delete Your Myspace
                                       07 Black Out, Call In
                                       08 Momentos
                                       09 Ruin Everything
                                       10 I Shot Brock
                                       11 Fire Alarm
                                       12 Time For You To Leave

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Posted at 6:43 PM 11 January 2014


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Posted at 7:30 AM 11 January 2014

Big Ups - ace band reminiscent of jesus lizard

These guys are sick! Billed as a band who’ve been likened to The Descendents (but at their sludgiest) they call to mind bands like Pissed Jeans and The Jesus Lizard. And do they! 

They have an album due out in a week or so - you should get it.

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Posted at 8:18 AM 09 January 2014

More Bristol music - I have a tingling sense thing telling me this is gonna be a brilliant year for Bristol music. Yeah, I know, as usual.

Nasty Little Lonely - Son Of The Flies

There’s an EP due out in Feb too by NLL, this is the lead track off it. They make a sort of gothy, grungey, noisey type noise.

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Posted at 8:06 AM 07 January 2014

Wolf x Down, Benchpress etc @ The Louis

Tell ya what, the Bristol hardcore scene is fair brisling atm. We more or less sold out the Louis last night for Wolf x Down and Benchpress. Quite an achievement for a Monday night. And yeah, not everyone was there to kill each other. For a change. Despite there being cameras in the house recording it for a laugh. Although there were still a decent enough amount of tears and scuffles that could quite easily have broken down into full on fisticuffs (but thankfully didn’t).

All round a fucking top night anyway. BENCHPRESS in particular impressed (though to be fair no less so than Wolf Down, just that I’ve seen Wolf Down before so I know how tight they are).

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Posted at 7:00 AM 07 January 2014

Big Crux Albums of the Year

Oh yeah, it’s time I posted a list of some of my albums of last year. Wouldn’t do this normally as these things are fucking ridiculous (for obvious reasons) but I had to do my top 50 (ish) albums for Louder Than War (on account of it being good SEO) so thought I may as well bung them on here.

My main personal incentive for doing this def aint SEO related, it’s to try to make every other website / blog who does similar to think about their policy of only really selecting white guitar band / electronic artists in their lists of top albums of the year. Coz that fucking sucks. Anyone who can’t think of one great reggae album of the last year doesn’t deserve to call themselves a music fan imo. Same with metal, African music, folk etc. etc. etc. (Yeah, I know that’s a bit harsh and will probably alienate EVERYONE reading this coz you probably none of you have listened to a reggae album since that lame Nirvana covers album a couple of years ago, but fuckit). That accusation rings double true to those of you who ever listened to Peel.

As I have my natural proclivities regarding music giving the below a meaningful order isn’t something that I’d be able to do, so lets just leave them clumped into their general categories … segregated as it were, the irony of which aint escaping me! Knock down those barriers yo! Or just stay confined in your sorry little niches.

Of course if you’re desperate to listify the below I recommend you cross reference with the 3 sections of the Louder Than War #aoty list:

Louder Than War’s Albums of the Year 2013: 150 -101

Louder Than War’s Albums of the Year 2013: 100 - 51

Louder Than War’s Albums of the Year 2013: 50 - 1

BOOM! And we’re off…


1. Gorgon Sound vs Dubkasm - The Versions E.P.
2. Alborosie - Sound The System
3. Black Roots - On The Ground In Dub
4. Cornell Campbell - New Scroll


5. Full Of Hell - Rudiments of Mutilation
6. Malevolence - Reign Of Suffering
7. Watain - The wild Hunt
8. Altar Of Plagues – Teethed Glory And Injury


9. Tamikrest - Chatma
10. Bassekou Kouyaté & Ngoni Ba - Jama Ko
11. Mulatu Astatke Sketches Of Ethiopia Jazz Village
12. The Full English - The Full English
13. Southern Tenant Folk Union - Hello Cold Goodbye Sun


14. Jon Hopkins - Immunity
15. Prurient - Through The Window
16. The Haxan Cloak - Excavation
17. Young Echo - Nexus
18. Oneohtrix Point Never - R Plus Seven
19. Dan Friel - total folklore
20. Hacker Farm - The Outer Church

Hip Hip:

21. Kanye West - Yeezus
22. Death Grips - Government Plates
23. clipping - midcity
24. MIA - Matangi
25. Buggsy - The Great Escape Season 2

Noise / Rock

26. Melt Banana - Fetch
27. The Pirate Ship Quintet - Rope for No-Hopers
28. Thought Forms - Ghost Mountain
29. Pissed Jeans - Honeys
30. Black Pus - All My Relations
31. Foot Village - Make Memories
32. The Body - Christs, Redeemers
33. Gnod - Chaudelande
34. Pharmakon - Abandon


35. Touche Amore - Is Survived By
36. RVIVR - The Beauty Between
37. Rival Mob - Mob Justice
38. Paramore - Paramore
39. Wolf x Down - Stray From The Path
40. Self Defense Family - Try Me
41. Nails - Abandon All Life
42. Weekend Nachos - Still
43. Power Trip - Manifest Decimation


44. Joanna Gruesome - Weird Sister
45. Talulah Gosh - Was It Just A Dream?
46. Oliver Wilde - A Brief Introduction to Unnatural Lightyears
47. Joanna Gruesome - Weird Sister


48. Blind Lemon Jefferson - The Rough Guide To Blues Legends: Blind Lemon Jefferson


49. Melt Yourself Down - Melt Yourself Down
50. The Ex And Brass Unbound - Enormous Door

There were many near misses, a few of the more notable are below:

War Wolf - Riding With Demons

Grouper - The Man Who Died In His Boat

DJ Rashad - Double Cup

Satelliti - Transister

Dean Blunt - The Redeemer

Annette Berlin - The Playground 2013

A$AP Rocky - Long.Live.A$AP

Wolf Down - Stray From The Path

Cult Of Luna – Vertikal

Incendiary - Cost of Living

Terror - Live By the Code

The END.

An thoughts gratefully received, esp if those thoughts include stuff I missed / haven’t  heard yet.

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Posted at 7:45 AM 05 January 2014

More Bandcampus magic - the fab Girlfight. More punk / noise from Pittsburgh this time. 

Grab here:

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Posted at 8:28 AM 04 January 2014

Parisian punksters. Another free album that came out earlier in 2013. Class stuff.


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Posted at 7:46 AM 04 January 2014